We Pray, We Get By
The snow falls lightly,
Our hearts heavy sigh,
We need ice to hunt seals,
We pray, we get by.
Our babies are starving,
our teats have gone dry,
We need ice to hunt seals,
We pray, we get by.
There's only one truth,
Don't turn a blind eye,
We need ice to hunt seals,
We pray, we get by.


On November 8, 2015 we left our sunny Hawaiian comfort zone.
Our exciting Polar Bear adventure began on the frozen tundra in
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
on November 11, 2015.
The ice was predicted to form around the 10th of November. 
We shared three days, in good company with a silver fox, his cousin the red fox, 
a rock group of ptarmigan, two arctic hare, and a shy snowy owl.
We encountered at least eighty of the approximately three hundred hungry polar bears 
that were pacing the precarious shoreline of the Hudson Bay,
in anticipation of their first meal in five months. 
The polar bears were waiting impatiently for the ice to form,
so they could venture out to sea, to hunt seals.
We learned and became aware of disturbing truths and lies on this adventure.
Tis the season of the cuddly white bear donning the red santa hat
and wintergreen plaid scarf,
partying and drinking sugar-laden carbonated soft drinks, with penguins.
This is a lie.
Polar bears are carnivorous, apex predators that are struggling to survive in the Arctic.
Their lives are negatively impacted by devastating climate change repercussions.
Lack of and shortened ice seasons means starving and too often,
emaciated perished bears. 
This is a truth.
Having heart and mind witnessed this truth, we are forever changed.
We returned home on November 16, 2015.

The ice did not form for another four days.
The hungry bears were out to sea within hours.
In the coming New Year, please be conscious of your thought patterns and behaviors.
"Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" is not a cliché.
It is simple and doable.

We pray, we get by.

Merry Christmas and Peace in the New Year !

Thank you all,
for your kindness and continued support.

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